Question- Getting Windows 64bits information Python 32bits

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Thu Jul 7 18:43:55 CEST 2011

On 7/7/11 11:33 AM, Philip Reynolds wrote:
> On Thu, 07 Jul 2011, Andrew Berg wrote:
>> On 2011.07.07 10:21 AM, António Rocha wrote:
>>> I'm running Python (32b) in Windows7 (at 64bits) and I would like to
>>> know how can I check if my machine is a 32b or 64b in Python. Is it
>>> possible? I saw a few examples (like platform) but they only provide
>>> information about Python not the machine.
>> os.environ['processor_architecture']
>> os.environ is a dictionary of system environment variables. That exact
>> key probably only exists on Windows, but I'm there is a similar key on
>> other platforms.
> $ python -c 'import platform; print platform.architecture()'
> ('64bit', 'ELF')

This is not what the OP is looking for. The OP wants to know what the CPU and OS 
are capable of, not what the Python executable is compiled for. 
platform.architecture() gives the latter.

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