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Chris Angelico rosuav at
Sat Jul 9 22:10:31 EDT 2011

On Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 11:32 AM, Bruce Whealton <bruce at> wrote:
problem with is this line:
>     def add(self, (sub, pred, obj)):
> I think the problem is with the parentheses before the sub.  I removed those and that seemed to fix that error or make it go away.  I don’t remember how I figured that out,   It should be on the Errata page for sure.
> Then it has a problem with this line:
>     print list(g.triples((None, None, None)))
> If I was using python 3, it would require () around the thing that is going to be printed, right?  Maybe python 2.7 doesn’t like this line for the same reason.

The issue there is with tuple unpacking. To match the older syntax,
don't touch the call, but change the definition thus:
def add(self, args):
  (sub, pred, obj)=args

Or, of course, simply list the arguments directly, rather than in a
tuple; but that requires changing every call (if it's a small program
that may not be a problem).

You're right about needing parentheses around the print() call; in
Python 2 it's a statement, but in Python 3, print is a function like
any other.

Regarding the module search path, this may help:

Chris Angelico

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