CI and BDD with Python

mark curphey mark at
Sat Jul 9 22:39:06 EDT 2011

Thanks. FWIW I played with a bunch (Freshen, Morelia, Lettuce....) over the last few days and Lettuce appears to be the most "actively" maintained and closest to a cucumber-like implementation IMHO. I have decided to adopt it for now. I played with a few CI servers but Jenkins (Hudson) is tough to beat IMHO but I am sure this is just my personal preference. Anyways thanks for the help. Cheers, Mark

On Jul 9, 2011, at 7:05 PM, Phlip wrote:

> On Jul 8, 9:36 pm, Stefan Behnel <stefan... at> wrote:
>> mark curphey, 09.07.2011 01:41:
>>> And for CI having been using Hudson for a while, any real advantages in a Python / Django world for adopting something native like Trac and one of the CI plugins like Bitten?
> I'm kind'a partial to Morelia for BDD.
> Don't be fooled by Ruby's RSpec - it's _not_ "BDD". In my exalted
> opinion. "BDD" means "your customer gives you requirements as
> sentences, and you make them into executable statements." That's what
> Cucumber does, which Morelia learns from.
> And BDD and CI are orthogonal. BDD should be part of a complete TDD
> test suite, and your CI tool should run that.
> I still like CruiseControl.rb - even though it has bugs when it sees
> too many git integrations. Hudson had way too many features, and CCrb
> mildly presumes you know how to operate its .cruise/projects folder
> manually!
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