How can I make a program automatically run once per day?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Sun Jul 10 03:58:59 CEST 2011

On 10Jul2011 03:00, Alexander Kapps <alex.kapps at> wrote:
| On 10.07.2011 02:26, John Salerno wrote:
| >I have a script that does some stuff that I want to run every day for
| >maybe a week, or a month. So far I've been good about running it every
| >night, but is there some way (using Python, of course) that I can make
| >it automatically run at a set time each night?
| Use your operating system's facilities to run timed jobs.
| Unix/Linux: Cron jobs
| Windows: Scheduled Tasks
| Mac: don't know, but probably Cron too

Yep. Macs are UNIX, BSD derived.
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