Morelia for BDD in Python (was: CI and BDD with Python)

Ben Finney ben+python at
Sat Jul 9 23:38:54 EDT 2011

Phlip <phlip2005 at> writes:

> On Jul 9, 7:39 pm, mark curphey <m... at> wrote:
> > Thanks. FWIW I played with a bunch (Freshen, Morelia, Lettuce....)
> Morelia is "undermaintained" because it's finished. It attaches to any
> pre-existing TestCase-style test runner, hence there's nothing to
> maintain!

It looks good! But it's not yet in Debian :-(

I've filed bug report #633411 <URL:> to
call for an interested Python programmer to package it for Debian.

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