Morelia for BDD in Python

rusi rustompmody at
Sun Jul 10 13:45:01 EDT 2011

On Jul 10, 10:21 am, Ben Finney <ben+pyt... at> wrote:
> Phlip <phlip2... at> writes:
> > 'sudo pip install morelia' just worked for me, on Ubuntu.
> The problem with ‘pip’ is that it's a parallel package installation that
> ignores the available package management system on the OS.
> That's not a fault of ‘pip’ or Setuptools or PyPI or the rest; but it's
> a higher maintenance burden for the user than getting a package from the
> same system that provides all the rest of their packages on the
> computer.
> On operating systems with poor package management, Python's distutils
> and PyPI etc. are better than nothing. But on an OS like Debian with
> good package management already for free software, it's a step backward
> to rely on external dependencies from a disjoint package system.

Just curious: Do you manage to stay within debian packages and have
all the python packages you want/need at the versions that are most

For myself, until recently my debian testing did not even give

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