Morelia for BDD in Python

Phlip phlip2005 at
Sun Jul 10 17:29:09 CEST 2011

Two of my feature requests for Morelia:

 - integrate with the test runner (nose etc.) to provide one
    dot . per passing step

 - insert a long multi-line abstract string (typically
    XML) with inside [[CDATA-style escaping tags

 - the ability to stub a step as <not passing yet>

 - the ability to pass a | delimited | table into a step
    as an argument containing an array, instead of unrolling
    the table into multiple calls to one step

 - a rapid conversion to an HTML report, with folding blocks,
     as an instant project documentation.

Lack of the second option is why we _didn't_ use M for the BDD test
runner on our latest project. (The onsite customer is an XML-freak,
AND the lead architect until I can manage to retire him upstairs!;)

But if I could put those four in, then write a disposable script that
converted our XML "project definition" file back into Morelia-Cucumber-
Gherkin notation, I'd have Morelia back in our project!

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