Function docstring as a local variable

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Mon Jul 11 00:41:51 CEST 2011

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 python at wrote:

> I'm not sure how a function can get a generic handle to itself, but if
> you're willing to hardcode the function name, then this technique works:
> def test():
>     """This is my doc string"""
>     print test.__doc__
> test()
> Outputs:
> This is my doc string
> Malcolm

I'm sure there has to be a cleaner way that this, but one possible way 
for a function to find its name is to catch an exception and look at the 

#!/usr/bin/env python                                                                               

import sys
import traceback

def foo():
    "The Larch"
        raise Exception
    except Exception, ex:
        _, _, tb = sys.exc_info()
        stacks = traceback.extract_tb(tb)
        file_name, line_number, function_name, text = stacks[0]
        print "I am %s", function_name
        print "My docstring is", eval(function_name).__doc__


This works, but yuck.

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