Wgy isn't there a good RAD Gui tool fo python

Ivan Kljaic ikljaic at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 14:28:40 EDT 2011

Ok. I asked about this questio because I am working with python for
the last 5 years and I am always in touch about signifigact things in
Python. I am pissed of that I make my living by developing
applications at work in Java an C#. My comPany would switch to python
but they complained that there is not even one single gui builder or
framework that can allow it to make a living from it. If you are going
to say that there are also other libraries with every single one there
is a significant problem that make the development painfull.

About the natural selection... I'll say it with the words of
For how many years are this vui library wars going on. How many. Look.
I am a open source supporter but Windows will always kick the ass of
open source because the open source comunity can not make a decision.
Just imagine what we would have today if the effort of development
would have been used to develop one really good library. We would have
kicked the ass of MS and steve balmer. The average user wants
something simple and not something to program to do something. It
looks that the firs linux os to realize that is successfull. I am
talking about android.

And the python development team is doing nothing to improve the
situatio to solve this dispute that lasts for the last years by
including the worthless Tk library and now upgrading it with Tix.

To summarize it. It would be very helpfull for python to spread if
there qould be one single good rad gui builder similar to vs or
netbeAns but for python. So right now if i need to make a gui app i
need to work with an applicatio that is dicontinued for the last 5
years is pretty buggy but is ok. If it would only be maintained and
the libraby updated it would be great. When it comes to other
application, sorry but they are just bad. Their userfriendlyness is
simmilar to most of Ms products, they are "user friendly" but the
problem is that they very wisely chose their friends.

The ony worthly ones mentioning as an gui builder are boa constructor
fo wx, qtDesigner with the famous licence problems why companies do
not want to work with it, sharpdevelop for ironpython and netbeans for
Did you notice that 2 of these 4 are not for python? One is out of dTe
and one has a fucked up licence. Sorry guys but there is not even one
single rad gui tool for python as long as there is no serious

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