Wgy isn't there a good RAD Gui tool fo python

Ben Finney ben+python at benfinney.id.au
Mon Jul 11 21:10:26 EDT 2011

Ivan Kljaic <ikljaic at gmail.com> writes:

> My comPany would switch to python but they complained that there is
> not even one single gui builder or framework that can allow it to make
> a living from it.

That response from your company is a non sequitur. What does “one single
gui builder or framework” have to do with “allow it to make a living
from it”?

Evidently many organisations are making a living with Python, so that
statement is just false.

> For how many years are this vui library wars going on. How many.

Why see it as a war that must have one clear winner? You have options.

> I am a open source supporter but Windows will always kick the ass of
> open source because the open source comunity can not make a decision.

Different people make different decisions. If you want a monolithic
organisation that makes a single decision for everyone, you don't want
software freedom.

> To summarize it. It would be very helpfull for python to spread

Please find a different language to “fix”; Python is spreading quite

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