How to write a file generator

Thomas Jollans t at
Tue Jul 12 15:05:52 EDT 2011

On 07/12/2011 06:42 PM, Billy Mays wrote:
> On 07/12/2011 11:52 AM, Thomas Jollans wrote:
>> On 07/12/2011 04:46 PM, Billy Mays wrote:
>>> I want to make a generator that will return lines from the tail of
>>> /var/log/syslog if there are any, but my function is reopening the file
>>> each call:
>>> def getLines():
>>>      with open('/var/log/syslog', 'rb') as f:
>>>          while True:
>>>              line = f.readline()
>>>              if line:
>>>                  yield line
>>>              else:
>>>                  raise StopIteration
>>> I know the problem lies with the StopIteration, but I'm not sure how to
>>> tell the caller that there are no more lines for now.
>>> -- 
>>> Bill
> That was actually the behavior I was trying to avoid.  If there is no
> data to be read, the call will hang.  That function is actually called
> by a webserver (from wsgiref) so it cannot hang indefinitely.

What Terry said, then. (Not Bruno, I confused that. Sorry for sending a
mail both short and wrong.)

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