Code hosting services

Thomas Jollans t at
Wed Jul 13 12:34:28 CEST 2011

On 07/13/2011 12:23 PM, Andrew Berg wrote:
> On 2011.07.13 05:05 AM, Thomas Jollans wrote:
>> There are a load of older sites, SourceForge, Savannah, Gna!, etc
>> etc etc, but they don't support VCS other than CVS/Svn for the most
>> part.
> Many do support Mercurial. In fact, I have a Mercurial repo for one of
> my projects on SourceForge (Bazaar and Mercurial are available as extra
> features that have to be explicitly enabled). Google Code and Savannah
> support Mercurial (at least according to Wikipedia; I haven't set up a
> project on either).

Okay, fair enough. Question is, does it integrate with the bug tracker?
It does for Google Plus. In the olden days when Mercurial was young,
Savannah, IIRC, bolted on Mercurial hosting that didn't do any of the
usual integration.

Half the point of getting VCS hosting and bug tracking from the same
service is being able to do "closes #4" in a commit.

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