What is the difference between PyPy and Python? are there lot of differences?

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> wrote:
> > One of the main difference is that pypy supports only R-Python, which
> stands
> > for 'Restricted Python".
> > It is a subset of C-python language.
> This is wrong.  The PyPy *interpreter* is written in RPython.  At the
> application level, PyPy supports the full syntax and semantics of
> Python (with a few minor differences of the same sort that you find in
> Jython or IronPython).

PyPy (2.7) and Jython (2.5) are pretty close to each other, though PyPy is
quite a bit faster than Jython or CPython.  Both PyPy and Jython are good
implementations of the Python language, at least if you don't need a lot of
C extension modules.

IronPython doesn't appear to have a standard library.  :(  Or rather, it can
use a CPython install's standard library, but a significant fraction of it
doesn't work on IronPython - it doesn't appear to have been tested or
adapted.  There's something called FePy that includes IronPython and a
better standard library, but AFAIK, it only works on windows.
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