list(), tuple() should not place at "Built-in functions" in documentation

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Fri Jul 15 03:29:41 EDT 2011

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> > Hey guy,thx for you feedback first.
> > But I can't follow your opinion.Why?because of the list & tuple are placed at built-in function,so before I type 'list' unintentionally on the pyshell and it show me "<type 'list'>", I never know that the name 'list' is a type,I used to consider it's a function to produce 'list' type.
> > so,after I figure out this matter,I have to change all my code "assert isinstance(someobj, (type([]), type((0, ))))" to "assert isinstance(someobj, (list, tuple))",that's not a funny job.
> Are you sure you need such assertions in your code ?

Sorry, Ben already mentionned this. Need more coffee obviously :-/

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