Tabs -vs- Spaces: Tabs should have won.

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On 2011.07.17 04:33 AM, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> Not everyone who doesn't agree on indent size actually cares enough 
> about indent size - especially in someone else's code. I'd say it's 
> probably rather the majority making this whole debate artificial.
It's more of a debate on what's good practice when sharing with others
(especially when many developers work together and there are no strict
guidelines enforced, which is not uncommon with large open-source
projects). Obviously, one can completely disregard all guidelines for
writing readable and maintainable code, and no one will care if no one
sees it.

> And if we work on a project together, we have to agree on formatting
> anyway, the indent size being the least important one.
How is indent size unimportant with regard to formatting? Or are you
talking about design as part of formatting?

> This whole debate is artificial.
Only if no one cares about your code. Sometimes that's more or less the
case, and sometimes it isn't. It's also worth mentioning that some
people have an almost religious fervor when it comes to spaces and tabs.
That can make the issue much more relevant than other things that are
more important. Many editors can work around either style (at least in
some sense), so in many circumstances, it is indeed artificial, but
there are other circumstances where it matters a lot (often more than it

> Sorry, you didn't understand my point. My point is: the distinction 
> between indentation and alignment is superficial. Indentation /is/ 
> exactly the same as alignment.
I still don't understand. Whitespace to the left of an assignment to
signify an indent and whitespace around operators to align values (in a
multi-line assignment) are not the same.

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