Tabs -vs- Spaces: Tabs should have won.

rusi rustompmody at
Sun Jul 17 13:21:49 CEST 2011

On Jul 17, 4:11 pm, Dotan Cohen <dotanco... at> wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 11:35, Andrew Berg <bahamutzero8... at> wrote:
> >> programing in a non-fixed width font is a real pleasure
> > If you're masochistic, maybe. Do you find fixed-width fonts ugly?
> I don't find that fixed-width fonts are ugly, but variable-width fonts
> sure are more of a pleasure. And with code-colouring in any good IDE,
> there is no real need to have the dot or other tiny characters jump
> out and announce their presence. So long as the indentation lines up
> (which it does, with tabs or spaces) then I do not see any problem
> with variable-width.
> What are the counter-arguments?
> > I
> > really would like to know why anyone would use a non-fixed-width font
> > for programming.
> Aesthetics.

Its more (or less depending...) than just aesthetics.  Its about
On a fixed width font an 'i' is as wide as an 'm' as a '.'
This means that a fwf is either a unreasonably small or the lines are
too long.

[Note: I use only fwf because all the tools I know/use/tried are
broken for vwf]

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