Tabs -vs- Spaces: Tabs should have won.

gene heskett gheskett at
Sun Jul 17 10:29:03 EDT 2011

On Sunday, July 17, 2011 10:28:16 AM Dotan Cohen did opine:

> On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 19:51, rantingrick <rantingrick at> wrote:
> > --------------------------------------------------
> >  Evidence: Tabs ARE superior!
> > --------------------------------------------------
> I am also a recent spaces-to-tabs convert. One of the reasons is that
> I've discovered that programing in a non-fixed width font is a real
> pleasure, but the spaces are too narrow. Tabs alleviate that.
> I'm still looking for the perfect programming font. Suggestions
> welcomed.

When you find it Dotan, let me know, I've been looking since the later 

Cheers, gene
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