Using argparse to call method in various Classes?

Victor Hooi victorhooi at
Sun Jul 17 21:39:30 EDT 2011


I'm attempting to use argparse to write a simple script to perform operations on various types of servers: <operation> <type_of_server> 

Operations are things like check, build, deploy, configure, verify etc.

Types of server are just different types of inhouse servers we use.

We have a generic server class, and specific types that inherit from that:

class Server
    def configure_logging(self, loggin_file):
    def check(self):
    def deploy(self):
    def configure(self):
    def __init__(self, hostname):
        self.hostname = hostname
        logging = self.configure_logging(LOG_FILENAME)
class SpamServer(Server):
    def check(self):
class HamServer(Server):
    def deploy(self):

My question is how to link that all up to argparse?

Originally, I was using argparse subparses for the operations (check, build, deploy) and another argument for the type.

subparsers = parser.add_subparsers(help='The operation that you want to run on the server.')
parser_check = subparsers.add_parser('check', help='Check that the server has been setup correctly.')
parser_build = subparsers.add_parser('build', help='Download and build a copy of the execution stack.')
parser_build.add_argument('-r', '--revision', help='SVN revision to build from.')
parser.add_argument('type_of_server', action='store', choices=types_of_servers,
                    help='The type of server you wish to create.')

Normally, you'd link each subparse to a method - and then pass in the type_of_server as an argument. However, that's slightly backwards due to the classes- I need to create an instance of the appropriate Server class, then call the operation method inside of that - not a generic check/build/configure module

Any ideas of how I could achieve the above? Perhaps a different design pattern for Servers? Or any way to mould argparse to work with this?


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