Recommendations for household finance scripting?

markolopa marko.loparic at
Mon Jul 18 11:03:51 EDT 2011


I would like to find a good system to keep track of my household
finance. Do Python programmers have suggestions on that? Do you use
Python to help on this task?

I am considering a large set of solutions:
- Pure spreadsheet
  - Easy to start, but I know I will soon feel blocked by the lack of
scripting tools.
- Spreadsheets + Python scripts
  - Enter data in spreadsheets, next apply python scripts for what is
difficult to do with formulas
  - Use pythonUNO (
  - Use Google spreadsheets api (
- Pure Gnucash
  - Seems to be a nice program, made by geeks.
  - But can a geek be happy with a GUI between him and his data?
- Gnucash + Python scripts

So far the last one seems to me to be the most interesting approach.
Apparently there are not many people doing that. Why? Are there other
libs or approaches you would suggest?

Thanks a lot in advance for your suggestions and comments!

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