Tabs -vs- Spaces: Tabs should have won.

Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn PointedEars at
Mon Jul 18 12:58:55 EDT 2011

Gregory Ewing wrote:

> Anders J. Munch wrote:
>>  > Cameron Simpson wrote:
>>  >> Personally, I like to use the tab _key_ as an input device, but to
>>  >> have my editor write real spaces to the file in consequence.
>> Just like in the old days:)
> Most editors can be configured to do that.

> Where they fall down, in my experience, is that having inserted
> those spaces, if you want to delete them you typically have to
> backspace over them one at a time.

Now that's a BAD source code editor!  Try one running on the Eclipse 
platform, like PyDev (single plugin or in Aptana, also as Eclipse plugin).
But, even vim(1) has auto-indent *and* `<<', so …

> I don't enjoy that experience, which is why I have BBEdit Lite
> set up to use tab-only indentation. If I'm feeling conscientious,
> I convert to spaces before sharing the code with others. But tabs
> work better for me given the tools I use and the way I like to
> work.

YMMV, of course.


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