I am fed up with Python GUI toolkits...

sturlamolden sturlamolden at yahoo.no
Wed Jul 20 10:30:48 EDT 2011

On 20 Jul, 11:59, Thomas Jollans <t... at jollybox.de> wrote:

> Okay, I haven't used SWT yet: manual memory management? Java is GC!
> It is perfectly reasonable to be required to manually call some sort of
> destroy() method to tell the toolkit what you no longer want the user to
> see: firstly, you have the display a reference to your window, in a
> manner of speaking, by showing it. Secondly, in a GC environment like a
> JVM or the CLI, it could take a moment. Was that what you meant?

A .hide() method is warranted, but not a .destory() method to
deallocate C resources. Python calls tp_dealloc when needed.

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