I am fed up with Python GUI toolkits...

Thomas Jollans t at jollybox.de
Wed Jul 20 17:21:00 CEST 2011

On 20/07/11 15:47, sturlamolden wrote:
> On 20 Jul, 11:59, Thomas Jollans <t... at jollybox.de> wrote:
>> I wonder - what do you think of GTK+?
> PyGTK with GLADE is the easier to use, but a bit awkward looking on
> Windows and Mac. (Not to mention the number of dependencies that must
> be installed, inclusing a GTK runtime.)

Don't know about Mac, I was under the impression that GTK was fine on
Windows these days.

You can bundle GTK+ just as easily as Qt or Wx. It might, of course, be
less usual.

>> Really, while Swing and Tkinter are particularly bad as they draw their
>> own widgets
> GTK and Qt do that as well.

Qt uses the native libraries on Windows and OSX.

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