What Programing Language are the Largest Website Written In?

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>> > 〈What Programing Language Are the Largest Website Written In?〉http://xahlee.org/comp/website_lang_popularity.html
>> About five years ago, I did some pretty extensive research, and
>> concluded that the biggest sites were written serverside with JSP.
>> Obviously, this wouldn't include The Biggest site, but if you were a
>> big, multinational corporation, or listed on the NYSE, you used JSP
>> for your web programming.
>> I doubt very seriously PHP is used for the biggest sites -- I'd still
>> guess JSP, or maybe a MS technology (not VB), but it's only a guess.
>> CC.
> I believe Facebook uses a PHP/C compiler.  i.e. the site is written in
> PHP, but compiled down to C/C++...
> MZ

not all sites use one language exclusively. For example, facebook
status updates use their python non blocking web server "Tornado". Not
sure if that means the interface code is python but just putting that
out there.

Where I work, the majority of the site is ruby, about 70% and 30%
python. Many ad-hoc parts of the site use different languages
(primarily python) to provide data for reports.

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