Question about timeit

Thomas Rachel nutznetz-0c1b6768-bfa9-48d5-a470-7603bd3aa915 at
Fri Jul 22 04:08:21 EDT 2011

Am 22.07.2011 08:59 schrieb Frank Millman:

> My guess is that it is something to do with the console, but I don't
> know what. If I get time over the weekend I will try to get to the
> bottom of it.

I would guess that in the first case, python (resp. gets the 
intended code for execution: int(float('165.0')). I. e., give the string 
to float() and its result to int().

In the second case, however, gets the string 
'int(float("165.0"))' and evaluates it - which is a matter of 

The reason for this is that the Windows "shell" removes the "" in the 
first case, but not the '' in the second case.


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