[PyWart 1001] Inconsistencies between zipfile and tarfile APIs

Thomas Jollans t at jollybox.de
Fri Jul 22 12:31:38 CEST 2011

On 22/07/11 05:46, rantingrick wrote:
> PS: I will be posting more warts very soon. This stdlib is a gawd
> awful mess!

Please don't. Not here.

There's a wonderful bug tracker at python.org. Use that. That's where
this kind of thing belongs. And, please, be concise.

What's the point of shouting it out here anyway? Just fix what you think
needs fixing! Sure, you can come here to ask for comments on your new
and improved API. Sure, when you've got something presentable, come here
and show us.

But nobody needs this kind of rant, rantingrick.

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