Use self.vars in class.method(parameters, self.vars)

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caccolangrifata  <caccolangrifata at> wrote:
>I'm very very new with python, and I have some experience with java
>programming, so probably you guys will notice.
>Anyway this is my question:
>I'd like to use class scope vars in method parameter ...

Others have answered what appears to have been your actual
question.  Here's an example of using an actual "class scope

(Note: I have a sinus headache, which is probably the source
of some of the weirder names :-) )

class Florg(object):
    _DEFAULT_IPPY = 17

    def set_default_ippy(cls, ippy):
        cls._DEFAULT_IPPY = ippy

    def __init__(self, name, ippy = None):
        if ippy is None:
            ippy = self.__class__._DEFAULT_IPPY = name
        self.ippy = ippy

    def zormonkle(self):
        print('%s ippy = %s' % (, self.ippy))

def example():
    flist = [Florg('first')]
    flist.append(Florg('third', 5))
    flist.append(Florg('fifth', 5))

    for florg in flist:

if __name__ == '__main__':
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