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> > Is Python only for server side?
> Is it a theoretical question or a practical one ?-)
> More seriously: except for the old proof-of-concept Grail browser, no
> known browser uses Python as a client-side scripting language.

 ahh paul bonser _did_ make an attempt to write a web browser in
python: he got quite a long way but nobody helped him out,

 i did actually get grail browser up-and-running again, under python
2.5 and then 2.6 - it actually works, hurrah! :)

 the list of client-side (assuming you meant web browser client, sid)
python programming environments is actually really quite long.. and
some of them very very obscure :) i maintain (as i find them) a list,

 the one that i have the most respect for (despite its DOM TR2
compliance only, and the obscure bug that most people will never
encounter) is python-khtml.  KHTML aka Konqueror's web browser is the
granddaddy of webkit after the toerags from apple got their grubby
mitts on it, and i do wish that KHTML got more love and attention,
because it's a proper true free software *independent* web browser
engine that is truly developed by a free software community, not a
bunch of corporate lackies with a commercial axe to grind.

 there is quite a lot of mileage to be had from ironpython, because of
course it translates to CLR (.NET) - as a result you have things like
appcelerator (titanium).  sadly you'll probably get that running under
mono at some time when hell freezes over, but that's another story.

 the other one that's worth a laugh, ok maybe a snort, is the mozilla-
funded project back in 2000 to add support to firefox for < script
language="python" /> which actually damn well worked - properly -
except that it resulted in a whopping 10mb plugin (because it was the
entire python interpreter in a firefox plugin, that's why!) and was
only available for firefox.  oh, and building the dependencies on w32?
jaezzus h christ on a bike was it a bitch.  to give you an idea: the
last people who attempted it were novell, some time around 2007.  to
get an accurate date, look up the release date on xulrunner 1.8.

 anyway - bottom line: there's a hell of a lot (including pyjamas of
course, yaay!) but it's all pretty obscure esoteric stuff and you do
have to be a bit off your head to consider using the various options


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