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> > Is Python only for server side?
> Is it a theoretical question or a practical one ?-)
> More seriously: except for the old proof-of-concept Grail browser, no
> known browser uses Python as a client-side scripting language.
> There are three relevant projects:

1) Pyjamas - translates a dialect of Python 2.x to Javascript, and provides
a widget set that allows the same code to provide a web GUI and a desktop
GUI, using a desktop-like API

2) Emscripten - which is CPython 2.x itself (and theoretically, 3.x?)
compiled into Javascript using LLVM's C frontend and an LLVM bitcode
translator that creates Javascript code

3) Pypy - had a Javascript backend, but that was removed from the website in
2010 (?)

Of these, Pyjamas is probably the most useful today.  Emscripten reportedly
crashes some browsers, and Pypy seems to have lost interest in Javascript.
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