Aw: Re: Aw: back up ?(was Re: is down?)

hackingKK hackingkk at
Mon Jul 25 07:25:03 EDT 2011

Infact the  first thing I ever did  with documentation on Python was to 
download it.
yes you are not uptodate but you can always do a download once in a 
while rather than putting load on the server every time you want to 
lookup a function reference.
Happy hacking.

On 25/07/11 14:32, David Zerrenner wrote:
> Carl Banks wrote:
>> If you can't live without the docs, you should consider downloading them and accessing them locally.  That'll let you work whenever goes down, and will help keep the load off the server when it's up.
> Thanks for the pointer, i did not realize that until now... These days of always-on internet corrupted me so much.

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