Maximize already running tkinter program on invocation

Steven Kauffmann steven.kauffmann at
Wed Jul 27 04:18:13 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I have written a small GUI application in python 3.x using the tkinter
module. Program is running fine, but multiple instances of the program
can now be created. I would like to reduce the number of instances of
the program to only 1 instance. I know that this is possible by using
a singleton class. This way it's possible to check if the program is
already running or not.

When I invoke the program and it detects that the program is already
running, is it then possible to maximize the already running program?

I can find a lot of examples about singleton classes in python on the
web, but nothing about showing the already running application when 1
instance of the program already exists. Is there a way to realize this
in python?

I'm now doing the development on a linux machine, but the final
program should work on Windows.



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