Only Bytecode, No .py Files

Thomas Rachel nutznetz-0c1b6768-bfa9-48d5-a470-7603bd3aa915 at
Wed Jul 27 16:56:37 CEST 2011

Am 27.07.2011 14:18 schrieb John Roth:

> Two comments. First, your trace isn't showing attempts to open .py
> files, it's showing attempts to open the Curses library in the bash
> directory.

Of course. My goal was to show that the OP's "problem" is not a python 
one, but occurs all over several programs.

 > Maybe you also have a problem with the .py files,

Why should I?

 > It's also not showing the program that's causing the failing open.

It is irrelevant, IMO.

It just shows that it seems to be common, even for the bin loader, to 
search for libraries to be linked to by trying to open them from several 
places. So every program call must be full of "failures" shown by the 
"audit program".

> Second, the audit program is an idiot. There are lots of programs
> which use the "easier to ask forgiveness" pattern and test for the
> existence of optional files by trying to open them. This may be what
> Bash is doing.

ACK. That is exactly what I wanted to show. (With the difference that 
this is probably nt the bash, but the linux loader trying to link a .so, 
but for the problem, it doesn't make any difference.)


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