PyWart: PEP8: A cauldron of inconsistencies.

harrismh777 harmar at
Wed Jul 27 23:23:10 EDT 2011

Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Jul 2011 08:34 am rantingrick wrote:
>> >  WRONG! When in doubt be consistent! There should be one AND ONLY ONE
>> >  obvious way to do it! When we have multiple ways of doing the same
>> >  thing we induce an overhead into our work flows. Instead we need to
>> >  follow the zen; in other words, BE CONSISTENT!
> Oh, and you were doing so good there for all of one day.
> Back to the kill-file with you.

... nah, don't kill file rantingrick. Every anarchy needs at least one 
ranter--- not to mention some of ricks rants are riotous wry humor... 
and also, he's a funny guy. And then every so often... and its really 
more often than you might want to admit... he contributes something 
really beautiful like his best list of commands (I printed it off) !

I stopped kill-filing folks a long time ago because every time I thought 
I needed to do that, I'd miss something important... so I listen to 
everyone... every person has a story... rantingrick's are better than most.

But I fully understand that no person can tell another person what to 
do... especially with their kill file     some-rants--> /dev/null


m harris

FSF as in freedom/

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