PyWart: PEP8: a seething cauldron of inconsistencies.

harrismh777 harmar at
Thu Jul 28 20:29:54 EDT 2011

rantingrick wrote:
> I believe the current Python style guide is inconsistent. The author
> again allowed his emotion to get in the way of logic.

    Well, does not PEP8 state, "A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin 
of Little Minds" ?

    Your parody is witty, and not without serious commentary; not 
withstanding good remarks overall toward less ambiguous forced style 
mongering... not to mention the ill-fated readability quest !

    That's why I like  C  !

    The compiler should ignore *all* white space and let the coder use 
what-ever-the-heck style she wants to ...   if you can't read it, what 
does she care?   ... its all math anyway...  only the machine needs to 
read it...   ;-)

    Back in the day, I could tell who wrote an anonymous piece of 
hacking based on the encoding style...  no kidding here...   and now 
folks want to force the personality out of our code... NO I say, NO !

    ... just saying, probably don't really mean it.


m harris

FSF as in freedom/

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