multilanguage application - step by step

Peter Irbizon peterirbizon at
Fri Jul 29 06:16:47 EDT 2011

> Well, it depends on how you're constructing your interface. If you're
> creating all the widgets in Python code, you could move all your
> foo.text = "Bar"; statements to one method that updates the text for all
> widgets, and call that both from the constructor and from the
> language-switching event handler.

Thanks again. I am using pygtk so I should call function to change all text,
labels, etc. (I thought there is simplier solution) But I don't know how to
change texts on menu items. Usually I am using this code to build menus: Any
advice how to refresh menus please?
       self.menu_items = (
            ( "/_Languages",         None,None, 0, "<Branch>" ),
            ( "/Languages/_english", None,self.print_lang, 0, "<CheckItem>"
            ( "/Languages/_german",  None,self.print_lang, 0, "<CheckItem>"

        self.vbox = gtk.VBox(False, 0)
        self.menubar = self.get_main_menu(self.okno)
        self.vbox.pack_start(self.menubar, False, True, 0)

    def get_main_menu(self, window):
        accel_group = gtk.AccelGroup()
        item_factory = gtk.ItemFactory(gtk.MenuBar, "<main>", accel_group)
        self.item_factory = item_factory
        return item_factory.get_widget("<main>")
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