Wondering in the Python Forrest

ray ray at aarden.us
Sat Jul 30 07:13:02 EDT 2011

I am new to Python and am learning for engineering and scientific
use.  For some reason, which I don’t remember, I went to Scipy.org
downloaded the module.  I am sure it had explained things but that was
a couple weeks ago and it’s all a blur.  So now I am working in
Pythonxy.  One of my activities is to work with data from Excel.  I
found the cvs reader and started researching its use.  I found that
structured data could be presented in Python using a module in

Where am I?  I do not know the relationships between the Pythons.  I
feel that I am missing something.  I started with Python as it has so
much functionality and a huge user group of very helpful individuals
and sites.  Now that I have delved deeper, it seems I need different

I would like to understand how to use all this functionality,
logistically.  If I have a series of tasks to perform, do I open a
session in one, read in data from a source, manipulate it, write it
out, open another Python type, read in the manipulated data, perform
other actions, write it out, close that and then open another to
display?  Is there a more coherent way to do this?

I would appreciate any help in better understanding how to use all
these tools.


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