Constructors...BIIIIG PROBLEM!

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Thu Sep 1 03:56:11 EDT 2011

Amogh M S wrote:

> Hey guys...
> I think we have a problem with my _init_ method and the constructor
> When I create a class and its _init_ method and try to create an object of
> it outside the class,
> Say, something like
> class S:
>    def _init_(self, name=None):

Your __init__() method needs two leading and two trailing underscores.

> = name
> s = S("MyName")
> It says that the constructor takes no arguments!! I have to explicitly
> call the _init_ method which, I think is not the right way of doing
> things... Could you tell me if that is what is supposed to happen or is
> something wrong with my code?

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