Installing WebDAV server

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Thu Sep 1 06:30:43 EDT 2011

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> On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 14:18:00 +0200, "Fokke Nauta"
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>> I also configured config.ini in D:\Python27\WebDAV\PyWebDAV\DAVServer
>> In this file it says:
>> "# Auth Database Table, Must exists in database prior to firstrun
>> dbtable=webDav
>> # Create User Database Table and Insert system user"
>> I created in MySQL a database called webDav.
>> I can create a table called User, but how many fields?
> After looking at the config file.
> I presume you have specified the MySQL username/password


> (personally, and out of paranoia, I'd create a webDAV user/password that
> only has access rights to the specified webDAV database).
> Next, if you'd read further and didn't take the comment as the
> instruction. set
> firstrun=1

I did

> to tell the server this is the first time it is being run - IT WILL
> create the database table (after the first start, reset the flag to 0 to
> speed up later runs).

It didn't create the table. The database kept empty.

> Later in the config file set
> mysql_auth=1
> to enable the use of MySQL, and set the admin user/password to what you
> plan to have it use.

I did

> You probably want to set
> daemonize=1
> (maybe after first run)

I left this to 0.

> Oh, and don't forget to set the main data directory and any
> port/host changes.

I left host and port as they were. The main directory is e:\wwwroot

> Start the server - it should connect to MySQL, create the table, and
> add the admin user to the table.

I started the server with (in
D:\Python27\WebDAV\PyWebDAV\DAVServer) -D e:/wwwroot -m -c config.ini

The seems to work as I get a login screen in the browser.

Later on I changed the ini file:

# disable auth
noauth = 1

# Enable mysql auth

No login screen anymore but I got an error message "fshandler:get_data: 
e:\wwwroot not found"


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