Detecting Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows

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Fri Sep 2 09:06:12 CEST 2011

On 9/1/11 8:52 AM, Den wrote:
> Obviously, this is a windows-based question.  I know that Ctrl-Alt-Del
> is handled deep inside the OS, and I'm not trying to interrupt that.
> But is there some way to detect that a C-A-D has been pressed?

IIUC, by definition, Ctrl-Alt-Delete can't be responded to in any way.
Its the entire point of the sequence: when you type it you can be
entirely, totally, 100% certain that what happens next is the true OS
and not any app faking things.

That's why you have to hit CAD to get to the login form in some versions
of Windows. The whole point of that secure sequence is that the OS and
only the OS responds.


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