Installing WebDAV server

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>> Ofcourse I realized it was Unix/Linux. I already could tell that as the
>> packages I downloaded were tar.gz files.
>> So I unpacked them and expected to run a Python installer script from the
>> Python command line.
>> Hence my question "How do I do that", but perhaps I did not make myself
>> clear enough.
> NO Python package installer runs "from the Python command line" (ie;
> from a Python interactive session prompt).
> Typically you run them from the OS command interpreter. If the
> installer is a .py file and the associations are correct, the Python
> interpreter will be started to process the installer script. If the
> associations aren't set, you may have to enter
> python
> at the system prompt instead of
>> Tried to run the Python installer script from the DOS command line but 
>> that
>> resulted in an error.
> Okay -- so what was the error?
> -- 

Sorry - I didn't come back on your question. In the mean time I forgot what 
the error message was.
But I installed it the way Paul Kölle mentioned:

"You dont install from "Python GUI", use normal cmd, navigate to the
folder you downloaded PyXML and PyWebDAV and run "python
install" (python.exe has to be in your PATH)."


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