Installing WebDAV server

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>> > Next, if you'd read further and didn't take the comment as the
>> > instruction. set
>> > firstrun=1
>> I did
>> > to tell the server this is the first time it is being run - IT WILL
>> > create the database table (after the first start, reset the flag to 0 
>> > to
>> > speed up later runs).
>> It didn't create the table. The database kept empty.
> Odd -- but then, I'm not running it myself, and wasn't up to reading
> all the code to see what path it takes.

It's only for experimenting with calendar software, so authorization is not 
a point.
So I forget about MySQL.

>> > Later in the config file set
>> > mysql_auth=1
>> > to enable the use of MySQL, and set the admin user/password to what you
>> > plan to have it use.
>> I did
>> > You probably want to set
>> > daemonize=1
>> > (maybe after first run)
>> I left this to 0.
>> > Oh, and don't forget to set the main data directory and any
>> > port/host changes.
>> I left host and port as they were. The main directory is e:\wwwroot
>> > Start the server - it should connect to MySQL, create the table, and
>> > add the admin user to the table.
>> I started the server with (in
>> D:\Python27\WebDAV\PyWebDAV\DAVServer) -D e:/wwwroot -m -c config.ini
> If the main directory is already in the config file, you probably
> don't need to specify it on the command line...


> And... could there be
> something in the code where overriding the directory by command line
> changes where it looks for the config file? (Just guessing at this
> point).

I tried this: -n -c config.ini
Once again, the server is up and running and when I am logging in with my 
browser ( I can see information showing up at the command 
prompt, showing somebody is logging is, but the same error: 
"fshandler:get_data: \Webdav not found". During starting up the server 
mentioned: "pywebdav:Serving data from \Webdav".

In the config file it says:
"# main directory
directory = \Webdav"

Perhaps my Python configuration is at fault.


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