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Vineet Deodhar d_vineet at
Sat Sep 3 13:23:17 EDT 2011

>I need some advice on a python web & database framework to use...?
>I have handcrafted a sqllite3 python script, that is a basic web application, interfacing with a >sqlite3 database...

It depends on whether you want to develop desktop apps or browser-based apps.
I will suggest 2 frameworks with their urls.
I will not enumerate the features here, because their websites contain loads of advocacy about them.
For desktop apps, my STRONG advise to you is DABO.
It is developed by the experts in data-centric business apps.
It contains the features which I haven't seen in any other framework except MS VFP & cursor adapter (if at all you are familiar with them).
For browser based apps, I found web2py very simple yet powerful.
It requires no installation (not even python).
Everything works out of the box.
No dependencies.
Hope this helps.
>- Ben
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