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Fokke Nauta wrote:

> "Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn" […]:
>> Fokke Nauta wrote:
>>> "Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn" […] wrote:
>>>> The Python shell executes Python code.  The above obviously is not
>>>> Python
>>>> code, but *system* shell commands.  So let the *system* command shell
>>>> execute them (as indicated by the `$' prompt, which is customary for a
>>>> sh-based UNIX/Linux shell prompt).
>>> I know. I worked with SCO Unix and various sorts of Linux.
>>> But never with Python, so I hadn't got a clue about the prompt.
>> Come on, with that experience you see a `$' and those commands and don't
>> realize it is (ba)sh?
> Ofcourse I realized it was Unix/Linux. I already could tell that as the
> packages I downloaded were tar.gz files.

For *Windows*?

> So I unpacked them and expected to run a Python installer script from the
> Python command line.

Again, given all that experience you claim to have, how come it did not 
occur to you that the `$' was meant to be a *command* *shell* prompt?  Other 
OSes have command shells, too, you know; they are just named and run 

> Tried to run the Python installer script from the DOS command line but
> that resulted in an error.

"There was an error" is no error report at all.
>>>> However, you appear to have found the *UNIX/Linux* README (and the
>>>> corresponding version?) of that server: the second command is usually
>>>> how you would run a program as daemon on Unices (run through an init
>>>> script), while on Windows NT (like XP) you would have a setup program
>>>> install a service for you (maybe to execute that command when the
>>>> service is started).  Look for the Windows version.
>>> There is no other Windows version except the packages I mentioned,
>>> PyWebDAV and PyXML. The only Windows thing I got was the Python
>>> interpreter itself.
>> Has it not occurred to you to STFW for "easy_install" first?
> What do you mean by STFW?

Search The F****ing Web.

> I wasn't aware that easy_install was a utility. Downloaded and installed
> the Windows version and run easy_install pywebdav.
> It downloaded something, installed something and finished something.
> But, once again, don't know how to proceed.


>>>>> And there is no easy_install script in the PyXML-0.8.4
>>>>> directory, only a and script. I guess the latter
>>>>> is
>>>>> the one to use. But how?
>>>> RTFM.
>>> Which fucking manual?
>> That of the server, on Windows-related information.  Or that of
>> easy_install.  Or Python.  Whichever comes first.
> It's my own server and I didn't write a manual for it.

No, the people providing it for you obviously did, but you do not seem to 
care to read it.

> In the manual of Easy_install it says how to install packaged etc and I
> did sucessfully.
> There is no furter information as how to proceed.

Either you are lying, or you are really forgetful, or you are simply not 
smart enough for this.  You yourself told me/us before what the next step 

>>>>> How do I proceed next?
>>>> Look for the Windows version.  If there is none, get easy_install and
>>>> use
>>>> it as described.
> I did and it worked. What's next?

Start the now-installed server, for goodness' sake!

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And please get rid of that attribution novel and trim your quotes to the 
relevant minimum.  I am asking you the last time here.  If you cannot find 
it within you to think about your readers when you post, you are not worth 
my attention or (free) time.


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