Need advice on Web / Database framework...

Alexandru Lazar alexandru at
Sun Sep 4 06:07:26 EDT 2011

> How does web2py compare to django? I just started playing with django,
> but don't know web2py

I haven't used Django, but I did use web2py for a project that fell on my
head just before leaving my old workplace. I just wanted it to end quickly
so I took web2py as a shortcut.

It's a great framework -- there seems to be an abstraction layer for
anything, so you can write a fairly pythonic web app with it. The app I
had to write was fairly trivial to be sure, and I barely had to write
any code at all.

What I didn't quite like about it was the documentation, that felt rather
sketchy. There's the Official Web2py Book, but that has more of a tutorial
structure. The API reference feels a tad sketchy and I sometimes had to
guess my way around. But there's a good chance that this is just my bad
impression, as I am not a web developer.


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