Functions vs OOP

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Sun Sep 4 19:41:42 EDT 2011

William Gill wrote:

> The source of my error is "Functional Programming HOWTO
> (/python-3.1.3-docs-html/howto/functional.html)"

For those who don't have access to William's local file system, I expect
he's looking at this:

or the most recent version:

> If you read the material with even a nominal understanding of the
> functional paradigm (functional relationships in a mathematical sense,
> not functions in the procedural sense), it is clear.  If you read it
> without consciously recognizing this difference, the material does
> nothing to alert you to the initial error.

What about the entire "Introduction" section, which starts with this

"This section explains the basic concept of functional programming"

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