Installing WebDAV server

becky_lewis bex.lewis at
Mon Sep 5 11:01:05 CEST 2011

> > Possibly.
> > I tried this:
> > -n -c config.ini
> > Once again, the server is up and running and when I am logging in with my
> > browser ( I can see information showing up at the command
> > prompt, showing somebody is logging is, but the same error:
> > "fshandler:get_data: \Webdav not found". During starting up the server
> > mentioned: "pywebdav:Serving data from \Webdav".
> > In the config file it says:
> > "# main directory
> > directory = \Webdav"
> > Perhaps my Python configuration is at fault.
> > Fokke
> Is the path supposed to be absolute? In which case you'd need to have:
> directory=C:\path\to\Webdav
> instead of just
> directory=\Webdav
> I tried:
> directory=D:\Webdav
> directory=D:/Webdav
> To no avail.
> It didn.t make any difference.
> I surely believe my WebDAV installation is at fault.
> Fokke

Interestingly, looking at the code that returns the
"fshandler:get_data: \Webdav not found" message, it looks like it
tests that the path given exists and then tries an os.path.isfile,
then an os.path.isdir. If both fail you get the message that you see.
This might be a bit of a shot in the dark but could you try the path
with and without a trailing '/' or '\'? I don't currently have a
windows box available to test on and figure out why it would be
detected as existing but not test true for either a file or directory.

Becky Lewis

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