Installing WebDAV server

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Mon Sep 5 10:51:00 EDT 2011

"becky_lewis" <bex.lewis at> wrote in message 
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> >
>> > Possibly.
>> > I tried this:
>> > -n -c config.ini
>> > Once again, the server is up and running and when I am logging in with 
>> > my
>> > browser ( I can see information showing up at the 
>> > command
>> > prompt, showing somebody is logging is, but the same error:
>> > "fshandler:get_data: \Webdav not found". During starting up the server
>> > mentioned: "pywebdav:Serving data from \Webdav".
>> > In the config file it says:
>> > "# main directory
>> > directory = \Webdav"
>> > Perhaps my Python configuration is at fault.
>> > Fokke
>> Is the path supposed to be absolute? In which case you'd need to have:
>> directory=C:\path\to\Webdav
>> instead of just
>> directory=\Webdav
>> I tried:
>> directory=D:\Webdav
>> directory=D:/Webdav
>> To no avail.
>> It didn.t make any difference.
>> I surely believe my WebDAV installation is at fault.
>> Fokke
> Interestingly, looking at the code that returns the
> "fshandler:get_data: \Webdav not found" message, it looks like it
> tests that the path given exists and then tries an os.path.isfile,
> then an os.path.isdir. If both fail you get the message that you see.
> This might be a bit of a shot in the dark but could you try the path
> with and without a trailing '/' or '\'? I don't currently have a
> windows box available to test on and figure out why it would be
> detected as existing but not test true for either a file or directory.

Hi Becky,

I tried it straight away:

Didn't work, in both cases the same error "fshandler:get_data: \Webdav not 

I have the opinion that my WebDAV installation is at fault. The database is 
not created either.
To have set up Python, I used python-2.7.2.msi.
To install WebDAV, I used PyWebDAV- and PyXML-0.8.4 packages, both 
To install the, I used
>> You dont install from "Python GUI", use normal cmd, navigate to the 
>> folder
>> you downloaded PyXML and PyWebDAV and run "python install"
>> (python.exe has to be in your PATH). Then you have to find the
>> startup-script "davserver". Find your python installation directory and
>> look into<Install dir>/Tools/Scripts, in my computer this is
>> E:\python27\Tools\Scripts. PyXML and PyWebDAV get installed in the
>> site-packages folder i.e. E:\python27\Lib/site-packages. You might have 
>> to
>> look for "davserver" there..."

Shall I reïnstall the whole lot? Would it make a difference if in that case 
I would use ActivePython- instead of python-2.7.2.msi?


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