Python marks an instance of my class undefined

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On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 3:18 PM, Laszlo Nagy <gandalf at> wrote:

> On 2011-09-06 15:42, Kayode Odeyemi wrote:
>> I was able to get this solved by calling class like this:
>> >>> from core.fleet import Fleet
>> >>> f = Fleet()
>> Thanks to a thread from the list titled "TypeError: 'module' object is not
>> callable"
> Or you can also do this:
> import core.fleet # import module core.fleet under the name core.fleet
> f = core.fleet.Fleet()
> Please note that the import statement imports the module with the given
> name.
> So for example
> import x.y.z
> will import the name "x.y.z". Anything that is in module "z" will be
> available through its module, that is "x.y.z".
> Whenever you use "import <name>", you have to access module contents
> through "<name>".
> You can change the name:
> import core.fleet as c # import module core.fleet under the name c
> f = c.Fleet()
That is, import [package-name] .[class-name]

If using from, that can take the form of [package-name].[pymodule] import
[pymodule] or [class-name]

I just got to understand it.

Thanks. This explanation really simplifies it further.

Can I do:

from [pymodule] import [class-name], assuming the pymodule as a class

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