Advice on how to get started with 2D-plotting ?

Fred Pacquier xnews2 at
Tue Sep 6 14:27:41 EDT 2011


I'm a Python long-timer, but I've never had to use tools like Matplotlib & 
others before.

Now, for my work, I would need to learn the basics fast, for a one-time 
quick-n-dirty job.

This involves a graphic comparison of RFC1918 IP subnets allocation across 
several networks.

The idea is to draw parallel lines, with segments (subnets) coloured green, 
yellow or red depending on the conflicts between the networks.

What would be the simplest/fastest way of getting this done ?
(the graphic parts, the IP stuff I know how to handle)

Alternately, if someone knows of a ready-made and accessible tool that does 
just that, I'm all ears :-)


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