Installing WebDAV server

becky_lewis bex.lewis at
Wed Sep 7 06:31:35 EDT 2011

> I have re-installed Python and the setuptool, and tried the Python version
> of Active, but it did not make a difference.
> So now I use the "old" Python 2.7 again. Used easy_install to install
> PyWebDAV. I now run davserver.exe from the Script directory. Still the same
> problem.
> What I found, however, was that if I specify the directory from the command
> line (like davserver -D d:\Webdav -n) there is no error message as
> "INFO:fshandler :get_data: D:\Webdav not found". The browser shows still the
> 404 error.
> The error "INFO:fshandler :get_data: D:\Webdav not found" only occurs when I
> specify the "-c config.ini" in the command line.
> I didn't expect it to be this so tricky. It looked easy to set up an
> experimental webdav server.
> Fokke

How are you trying to access the webdav server? I've been hacking on
the server for several days now (unrelated reasons) and have found
that it's a little unforgiving when it comes to configuration errors.
You need to be accessing the webdav server via the correct port (I
think it's 8008 by default). If you're not doing this and something
else is running on port 80 (which is where a webdav client will go to
by default) then this would explain the 404 errors.

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