Prequisites required to learn Django frame work

Gelonida N gelonida at
Wed Sep 7 11:06:25 CEST 2011

Hi Shambhu,

On 09/07/2011 09:25 AM, Shambhu Rajak wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been doing python development since last year, I think I should
> learn the famous Django frame work.
> Can any one suggest what are the perquisite required to setup django on
> my local home machine.

Just easyinstall django
This is enough for learning and midsize home grown projects not
requiring a very secure setup.

Django comes with a built in server, which is good enough for learning.
However It should not be used for deployment.

As database engine you can use sqlite3, which is also good enough for

My above mentioned setup will be working under windows and under linux.

If you want to have something with a better performance, then you have
two things to look at.

Change the data base engine to mysql or postgres.
  mysql / postgres should be installable under Windows

Use a real web server (apache / nginx with uwsgi plugins)
As an intermediate step you could instead of installing a 'real' web
server you could also use a python twisted server

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