Vineet Deodhar d_vineet at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 15:58:26 CEST 2011

I have been doing python development since last year, I think I should learn the famous Django frame work.
Can any one suggest what are the perquisite required to setup django on my local home machine.
Please suggest something that does not require a separate server, as this is a personal interest of mine. 
I'm currently working on building a new kind of social-network for
Users-Groups, Game-Clans & Student-Groups.
Building it using DJango with Pinax.
Detailed Feature-Set (planned):
• Event management
• Conference management (including ticketing with payment-gateway integration)
• Video+Audio Conferencing of event, with online interaction
possibilitiy (great for webinars)
• Join/create/delete/list groups
• Sitewide calendar
• Sitewide feed from non-private groups
• SSO integration (facebook, twitter & linkedin)
• Wall (+feed) for each group
• Listing of who's in which group
• PM group members

I don't want to undermine django. It is a good framework.
But still, my advise would be to go for 'web2py'.
It is simple yet powerful. Full stack MVC framework.
Low learning curve; simple syntax.
Good docs & community.
Everything works out of the box (including web-server, DAL, sqlite, etc)
No dependencies; plug&play.
etc. etc.
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